With one of the worst road fatality rates in the country, combined with a looming congestion crisis, WA is in desperate need of a fairer share of road and transport funding.

RAC's Federal Priorities

RAC’s Federal Priorities for WA include strategically important road safety and transport projects critical to our State’s future.

WA's fair share of motoring tax

Billions of dollars are being paid by WA motorists through taxes like fuel excise, yet our State has continued to be short changed by successive governments.


Regional Road Safety Package

Crucial road upgrades in regional Western Australian communities will help save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Albany Ring Road

Completion of the Albany Ring Road will address serious safety and congestion issues in the Great Southern.

Fixing congestion

By 2031, Infrastructure Australia predicts the daily cost of congestion on Perth roads will double to more than $10 million.

Clean air

Air pollution from human activity, including driving, can cause serious health issues and is a major concern to all Australians. 


Motoring is and will remain integral to the mobility of Western Australians, but with a looming congestion crisis it is no longer just about the car – it’s about choice.

Driverless vehicles

Driverless vehicle technology is the single biggest disruption to the mobility sector since the invention of motor cars.

Public transport

Perth's road network will remain an essential part of the urban fabric of Perth, but the road network alone can’t handle the demands of commuters. Rail projects are of critical importance.

Smart transport

By developing a smarter transport network, we can achieve less congestion, fewer crashes, better public transport reliability and lower vehicle emissions.

Vehicle safety

Vehicle design standards play a critical role in road safety – the rollout of new safety technology must be accelerated in Australia.