RAC's campaign to save lives on WA roads, manage congestion and keep the cost of motoring down.

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Dear Candidate,

RAC is Western Australia’s leading member organisation representing the views and interests of more than 850,000 members.

I support RAC’s campaign to:

  1. Save Western Australian lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads.
    I want you to help keep my loved ones safe. Too many people are being killed and seriously injured on our roads. Our road safety record is unacceptable.
  2. Manage congestion by delivering integrated, scheduled and fully-funded transport projects across the public transport, road and cycling networks. 
    Congestion has a huge impact on my life – the more time I spend in my car is less time with my family and friends.
  3. Keeping the cost of motoring down. 
    I pay registration, compulsory third party insurance, including no-fault and licence fees no matter how many kilometres I drive. The next State Government needs to cap registration, compulsory third party insurance and licence fees at or below the rate of inflation.

Yours sincerely,

Know the policies on transport, road safety and cost of motoring