The way our city and transport networks are planned significantly influences the way we travel and the amount of time we spend travelling.

The Perth metropolitan area stretches over 120km along the coast, yet only 50km inland.  With employment opportunities largely concentrated in the Perth Central Business District (CBD), Western Australians are travelling long distances to get to work.

Over one third of Perth residents travel 10 to 20km for work/study, with another 30% travelling more than 20km (ABS 2011). This places considerable pressure on our roads and public transport routes, particularly to the CBD during peak times.

To maintain liveability, we need a more compact and connected city.  Better land use and transport planning will provide more opportunities for Western Australians to work closer to where they live and ensure a range of practical transport options are available.

This will require new homes, jobs and amenities to be located in suburban activity centres with good transport connections.    

That is why RAC is calling on the Government to:

  • Fund a Perth and Regions Travel Survey to provide a more robust understanding of current travel demands and patterns 
  • Guarantee funding for reviewing and developing a strategic land use and transport model for Perth 
  • Increase investment in rapid transit connections to activity centres to help achieve accessibility levels akin to the CBD 
  • Develop a program to provide assistance to private sector employers relocating their operations to activity centres / outside of the CBD 
  • Ensure planning decisions incorporate the needs of cyclists and pedestrians.