Our environmental commitment

  • We accept our responsibility to help protect the natural environment and mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • RAC and our people will strive for continuous improvement to make our own operations more sustainable and to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We will influence, educate and inform our members on ways they can contribute to a more sustainable future, while ensuring our members have access to a range of sustainable mobility options.
  • We will work with governments, industry and other stakeholders to deliver better outcomes for members, the community and the environment.

Advocating for change

Our members have indicated they are concerned about the impact of vehicles on the environment. We’re looking towards solutions like low and zero emissions vehicles and advocating for better public transport, walking and cycling networks that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our impact on public health and the environment.

We also support:

  • The uptake of alternative and cleaner fuels.
  • An effective rating system to ensure consumers have access to user-friendly emissions and fuel consumption information when purchasing a new car.
  • Developing a detailed transport energy plan that aims to reduce transport emissions. 
  • Planning and provisioning infrastructure to service alternative vehicle technologies, such as expanding public electric vehicle charging facilities.
  • The introduction of incentives and / or tax concessions for low and zero emissions vehicles.
  • Encouraging government and business to adopt low emissions vehicles.
  • Introducing an impactful national vehicle emissions standard, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and encourage the uptake of low and zero emissions vehicles.
  • Expanding the rollout of eco-driving programs such as CleanRun EcoDrive. 
  • Public transport investment decisions that include the environmental benefits of reduced vehicle emissions as part of the cost-benefit analysis.
  • Planning decisions that incorporate the needs of cyclists and pedestrians with infrastructure that ensures safety and increases the attractiveness of cycling and walking. 

More information

RAC's Public Policy

RAC advocates for all Western Australians, whether they are a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian.

This document outlines what we stand for and our public policy positions to support better mobility for Western Australians.

The policies in this document are approved by the RAC Council.

RAC's Public Policy 2018-19

Other reports

RAC State Budget Submission 2019-2020 (PDF 1.25MB)

RAC Federal Priorities 2019 (PDF 1.32MB)