Whether you drive a car, bike, mobility device or prefer to travel by foot, we want everyone in WA to feel safer on and around our roads. Our free road safety education workshops provide information for clubs and community groups to help everyone move around WA safely.

We offer the following workshops:
  • Your Driving Future - Presents information about senior licence renewal, road rule changes, driving and medication and the responsibilities of mobility scooter riders.
  • Towards Zero - Explains the WA Government strategy, RAC activities and what you can do as a road user to reduce road trauma.
  • Keeping Mobile – Provides information about using mobility scooters.
  • Driving WA – A workshop for migrants about WA road rules and driving safe in WA.

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Address: RAC Community Education, 832 Wellington Street, West Perth, 6005
Mail to: GPO Box C140 Perth, 6839
Telephone: (08) 9436 4471
Email: communityeducation@rac.com.au

RAC is part of the Western Australian Road Safety Education Committee (WARSEC)

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