About the RAC Community Challenge

RAC is continually working with its members and the WA community to tackle important road safety issues to help save lives and prevent serious injuries on our roads.

One of the ways we do this is through our Community Challenges, where road safety experts and everyday local community members are invited to come together to problem solve issues affecting the lives of Western Australians every day.

What happened last year?

RAC asked communities in regional WA to help problem solve deadly driver fatigue at a series of challenges in 2019.

Driver fatigue is a silent killer

Over the last five years, more than 20 per cent of fatalities in WA have been fatigue related, with most of these occurring in regional areas.

Driving tired slows your reaction time and reduces your alertness, in fact the reaction time of a driver who has been awake for 17-19 hours is similar to that of a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05.

This year, a smaller Community Challenge event was held at RAC Cervantes Holiday Park leading up to the main event that was held at the Geraldton Multipurpose Centre, in partnership with the City of Greater Geraldton and Geraldton University Centre.

Participants were asked to problem solve the challenge question:

"How can we minimise or eliminate the risks associated with driver fatigue to reduce injuries and save lives on WA roads?"

During the events, participants came up with creative solutions to reduce the devastating impacts of driver fatigue, supported by expert mentors through the process.

Lots of ideas were pitched on Sunday 17 November after a weekend of activity researching and prototyping potential solutions.

2019 Winners:

We had a huge range of great ideas with too many to list and with so many possible real world implications that our judges couldn't decide on just one! Congratulations to our two winners.

Musical Roads

Led by Hollie, the core idea was to implement rumble strips for use in courtesy lanes or long stretches of road so that when drivers drove over them at the correct speed an iconic tune like Waltzing Matilda or the RAC jingle would play. This would urge drivers to pay attention, stick to the speed limit and help break up the long distance, as well as entertain children - encouraging them to look forward to what the next tune could be. The idea also had great tourism potential - promoting a musical highway in WA.

Food Fatigue

Christine, Paul and Peter's idea was for a campaign to raise awareness and adjust decision making around the types of food drivers consume and its contribution to driver's fatigue. Potential campaign partners would be organisations such as Healthway and Activ Foundation as well.

What next?

Our next RAC Community Challenge is already in planning, check back here soon to find out where the next event will take place and what the challenge question will be, or register your interest here and we will contact you once the details have been released.