We are proud to partner with the Museum of Perth for the exhibition From hooves to highways: The history of the motor car in Western Australia.

In 1908, when the motor car was considered both a novelty and nuisance to the people of Perth, the burgeoning Automobile Club of Western Australia published a significant book. 

The book featured photographs of some of Perth’s elegant, high society motoring enthusiasts fully embracing the new motoring trend and floated the new concept of getaways; of travelling by motor car to attractive, hospitable and car-friendly country destinations.

The Automobile Club of Western Australia, which was formed three years earlier in 1905, was leading the way in advocating and championing this new form of transport. 

These early pioneering motorists shaped Perth and, more than 110 years later, Perth's drivers owe more to these motorists than most realise.
From hooves to highways: The history of the motor car in Western Australia will tell their stories, and how this small group of enthusiasts founded what became one of WA’s most valued advocacy organisations - RAC.

To celebrate the York Festival, RAC and Museum of Perth have installed the From Hooves to Highways exhibition at the York Motor Museum.

Exhibition Details:

Dates: Saturday 27 September - Sunday 8 December 2019
Opening hours*:

9:00am - 4:00pm, 7 days a week.

*All opening hours are subject to change. Please check out the York Motor Museum website for latest details.

Entry fee:

Please see York Motor Museum website for details.

A commemorative exhibition catalogue will be available at the exhibition. 

Location: York Motor Museum, 116 Avon Terrace, York WA 6302