In just one year, the RAC Rescue helicopters were called into action 742 times.

That’s about two missions a day across Western Australia.

From car crashes to medical emergencies and crucial search and rescue operations, RAC Rescue covers more than 90% of WA's population when they need emergency help.

This is where the two RAC Rescue helicopters - one based in Perth and one in Bunbury - flew over a year from July 2016 to June 2017 to help West Australians. Together, over that year, they transported 444 patients and flew more than 150,000kms.

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  •  Emergency scene
  •  Hospital transfer
  •  Search & rescue
  • On-road vehicle
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Animal
  • Machinery
  • Medical emergency
  • Recreation Activity
  • Aviation

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Funded by the State Government, the RAC Rescue helicopters are managed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and sponsored by RAC. 

Your RAC membership helps us sponsor the RAC Rescue helicopters, which fly life-saving missions every hour of every day.

As a membership organisation we don’t have shareholders, which means we can reinvest our profits for the better of our members and the WA community.

In return, we give back to you with savings on fuel, shopping and more. And your membership helps us sponsor the RAC Rescue helicopters.

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