When a call comes in, RAC Rescue helicopter critical care paramedic (CCP)Josh Lyons is the first to pick up. 

As the person whose responsibility it is to treat and stabilise patients both on the ground and on-board the aircraft, he’s remarkably humble about his contribution. 

When the phone rings with call out for the RAC Rescue helicopters, Josh takes down the incident details from St John Ambulance and passes on the information to the pilot with the latitude and longitude of the site. 

He then preps for the medical emergency they might be attending, loading the helicopter with medicines and blood that he’ll need for the job which can sometimes last longer than five hours. 

If the helicopter can’t make a safe landing, he’s winched down to the patient to put them on the stretcher and bring them up safely to the helicopter. 

Lucky for him, he’s not afraid of heights. Check out Josh's workplace inside the RAC Rescue helicopter.

Funded by the State Government, the RAC Rescue helicopters are managed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and sponsored by RAC. 

Your RAC membership helps us sponsor the RAC Rescue helicopters, which fly life-saving missions every hour of every day.

As a membership organisation we don’t have shareholders, which means we can reinvest our profits for the better of our members and the WA community.

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