Cycling can provide many benefits, including helping to improve our personal health and wellbeing and reduce our travel costs. It can also help to tackle Perth’s growing traffic congestion and reduce emissions.

Cycling is increasingly popular in WA. Around 591,000 Western Australians go riding each week (Austroads National Cycling Participation Survey 2015). To support this, RAC is advocating for better cycling infrastructure, as well as education and cyclist training initiatives to boost cycling participation and reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries.

The 2015 RAC Cycling Survey revealed that:

  • 46% of respondents are moderately or extremely dissatisfied with Perth's on-road cycling infrastructure (e.g. cycle lanes), compared to 20% for off-road infrastructure (e.g. shared paths).
  • 79% feel moderately or extremely safe when cycling on shared paths, compared to only 13% when sharing the roads with other vehicles.
  • 43% stated fear of sharing the roads with motorists as a reason for not cycling more often, followed by 31% stating lack of bike routes.
  • 71% believe the government should build more / improve on-road cycling infrastructure, such as cycle lanes.
  • 64% would like to see more off-road cycling infrastructure such as bike/shared paths.

RAC is calling on the State government to:

  • Increase funding for public awareness and education campaigns on sharing the road to highlight cycling safety.
  • Increase funding to expand active transport initiatives.
  • Fund and deliver an audit of all on-road cycle routes.
  • Fund the completion and upgrading of on-road cycle routes.
  • Develop WA-specific network planning and design guidelines for bicycle networks.
  • Trial more innovative approaches to the provision and design of on-road cycling infrastructure.
  • Plan a network of new green mode bridges (bus, cycle and pedestrian).
  • Complete the remaining planned high standard dual-use paths (Principal Shared Paths).
  • Fund education and cycle training initiatives.
  • Ensure appropriate integration of cycling within land use and transport planning policies and strategies.

Electric bikes

RAC recently teamed up with a number of partners in a trial of electric bikes, the purpose of which was to better understand and promote their potential to overcome some of the barriers to cycling. 

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More information

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