Taking public transport can save you time and money and reduce the number of cars on our roads. Good cities need great public transport, and people need choices in the ways they can get around. That is why RAC is pushing for increased funding for public transport in WA.

By 2031, Perth’s public transport system will need to carry more than twice the number of commuters it did in 2011. However, building new infrastructure and providing improved public transport services requires a good deal of funding.

As WA's population continues to grow, we’re talking to all levels of government to ensure that decisions are made to:

  • Provide viable transport options for everyone.
  • Invest in the expansion of public transport.
  • Plan for the future needs of all road users.

We are also lobbying state and federal governments for funding and programs including:

  • Committing funding towards Perth light rail (including reinstating the $2 billion MAX light rail project and allocating funding to for the connection from Victoria Park Transfer Station to Curtin University).
  • Guaranteeing funding to the Thornlie Line extension to Cockburn Central via Canning Vale.
  • Funding to upgrade accessibility, amenity and security at existing train stations.
  • Purchasing new rolling stock to enable trains to move at closer headways.
  • Allocating funding to plan and progress the delivery of orbital heavy rail connections to improve accessibility to suburban activity centres.
  • Developing and funding a Bus Rapid Transit program, focusing on major activity centres as a priority.
  • Funding a new bus station and improving pedestrian access at Canning Bridge Station.
  • Developing a bus priority plan to define a network of bus lanes and other facilities.
  • Investigating and implement new funding models that will support the introduction of bus services in regional centres.

We also support a number of sponsorship initiatives to help road users access alternative mobility options. Find out more about how they can help you. 

Last updated September 2017

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