What counts as a plumbing emergency?

Some common emergency plumbing scenarios are,

  • blocked toilets or drainage/pipe system
    • blocked toilets, pipes or drains causing overflow, stopping water flowing through the outlet 
  • burst pipe indoor or outdoor
    • significant water wastage or water damage to your property or house due to a burst pipe
  • leaking gas / smell of gas 
    •  if a gas pipe has been damaged and is leaking inside or outside your home, we'll repair the leak or isolate the gas line to make it safe 
  • faulty hot water heater system 
    • if your hot water system isn't working because of a gas or electrical issue, or faulty components
  • internal leaks  
    • water leaking down your walls or through your ceiling due to blocked downpipes, gutters or roof. 
      If the source of the leak can't be safely accessed, we may need to re-attend.

If you are still unsure if its an emergency repair and require immediate assistance, call our customer support team on 1300 655 057 who will be there to support you every step of the way.