What is a Pre-existing medical condition?

“Pre-existing Medical Condition” means:

a) any physical defect, condition, illness or disease for which treatment, medication, surgery or advice (including investigation) has been received or prescribed by a medical practitioner, dental or health professional in the 12 months prior to your purchase of this policy; or

b) any chronic or ongoing (whether chronic or otherwise) medical or dental condition, illness or disease medically documented prior to your purchase of this policy; or

c) any physical defect, condition, illness, disease or assessment that becomes reasonably known to You after Your purchase of this policy and prior to Your Trip departure as shown as the Period of Insurance on Your Certificate of Insurance

This definition applies to you, your travelling Companion, a relative or any other person. If you are unsure whether you have a Pre–existing Medical Condition, please call1300 655 179 for assistance.