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Roof gutter maintenance

Gutter cleaning is a must to keep your home protected, whether its a half-yearly or annual cleaning.

Keeping a clean gutter is crucial during heavy storms, where large quantities of rainwater need clean and clear gutters to drain effectively – and poor gutter drainage can end up flooding your home.

Solar panel maintenance

Dust, dirt, salty air, bird droppings, leaves and pollen can all contribute to making your solar panels cloudy and ineffective.

Dirty solar panels can lose their efficiency,therefore it's important to make sure the panels are cleaned and maintained for its optimum usage levels.

Air con installation

If you are just planning to get an air-conditioning installation done, it is important to take note of important points before delving straight into the job.

Our Trade Specialists will be able to assist you to decide on quality air-conditioning installation options in line with your budget, preferences and suitability for your residential purposes.

Smoke alarm installation

Smoke alarms are essential in any home. There are a number of different types of smoke alarm and smoke detector. It can get quite confusing about what type is best for you and your home.

That’s where our Trade Specialists come in, as we can advise the best solution for your situation, and ensure you are fully fire protected.

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