Please read these Terms and Conditions as soon as you receive your new RAC membership card with the 'Show your Card and Save®' symbol.

In these Terms and Conditions:

  • "Card" means the RAC Membership Card issued to each current financial member of the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia Incorporated (AO170007N) (RAC). Only 1 RAC membership card per current financial member is issued.

  • "Member" or "You" means a person who is a current financial member of RAC and who is eligible to participate in the Program.

  • "Program" means the "Show Your Card and Save" Program.

  • 'Program Partner' means a person or organisation which has agreed to offer certain benefits to Members. These benefits may include discounts, upgrades or other offers or benefits.

  • "We" or "Us" means the RAC.

The Program

  1. The Program is operated by the RAC in conjunction with other motoring clubs and organisations in Australia and overseas. Any Member who is a natural person and whose membership is issued in their name (or each named Member in the case of a joint Membership) may participate. Fleet or other business category members are not eligible to participate in the Program.

  2. Participation in the Program will be offered to Members at the discretion of the RAC. There is no additional charge to Members to participate in the Program.

  3. We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice and We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice.

  4. Amendments to these terms and conditions will be notified either in the bi-monthly RAC Member Magazine (Horizons) or the RAC's website.

  5. Your participation in the Program and your use of the Card is subject to these Terms and Conditions (as varied from time to time).

  6. Your participation in the Program will be taken as your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  7. We may terminate your participation in the Program without notice and for any reason, including if You: 

  • do not comply with these Terms and Conditions;

  • do not comply with the Terms and Conditions on the Card;

  • cease to be a Member of the RAC.

The benefits

  1. The benefits available under the Program are listed on, in the Member Benefits section of the Horizons magazine or other advertising issued by Us from time to time.

  2. From time to time, We may negotiate additional limited time only offers that may also be communicated to Members in the Horizons magazine or on our website. All information is accurate at the time of publication but may change without notice.

  3. All benefits are subject to availability and other terms and conditions which may be imposed by Program Partners. These may be communicated by Us on behalf of the Program Partner in the media outlined in paragraph 2 above or by the Program Partner. Unless otherwise stated no benefit may be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  4. The benefits are available to Members only and cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise dealt with except with the consent of RAC and the relevant Program Partner.

  5. To claim a benefit, You must communicate to the Program Partner that You are a Member and that You wish to obtain a benefit under the Program as follows: 

  • If you contact the Program Partner by telephone You must notify the Program Partner at the outset of the first telephone conversation that You are a Member, that you are requesting the Benefits and thereafter provide your Member Card number as required by the Program Partner;

  • In a face-to-face transaction You must present your Card;

  • In a web-based transaction You must enter your Card number or any other method of identification that may be required by the Program Partner;

  • A Program Partner may require You to telephone or otherwise make a booking prior to You attending the Program Partner's business and claiming a benefit.

  • We take all reasonable care to ensure that information We publish in relation to the Program is accurate but do not accept any liability relating to information provided by third parties. All descriptions of benefits We publish are based on information supplied by Program Partners.

Program partners and transactions

  1. Under the Program, We arrange for Program Partners to offer certain benefits to Members. Program Partners are not the agents of the RAC and have no authority, express or implied, to bind the RAC or to make any representations, warranties or statements on the RAC's behalf.

  2. We are not a party to any transactions entered into between a Member and a Program Partner.

  3. We are not liable in any way for:

    • Any use of your Membership details or your Card by a person without your consent;

    • any failure by You to notify a Program Partner that You are seeking a benefit under the Program when purchasing goods or services;

    • a Program Partner not offering or making available a benefit for any reason;

    • a failure by a Program Partner to comply with the terms of any transaction You enter into with the Program Partner;

    • the suspension and/or termination of the Program;

    • any delay in getting the Card or replacement Card to You.

    • Any liability for the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety or warranty as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services supplied under the Program to You by a Program Partner is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

    • Any liability of the RAC for breach of a warranty implied by law is limited to supplying or paying the cost of supplying the goods or services again or repairing, or paying the cost of repairing the goods, at the RAC's option.

    • Any liability relating to the payment of tax, including GST, which arises from your participation in the Program by virtue of your purchasing any goods or services from a Program Partner, is your responsibility.

RAC Member Card

  1. Membership of the RAC is governed by the RAC's rules and by-laws.

  2. The Card is issued by the RAC (at the RAC's discretion) to Members and entitles Members to the benefits under the Program.

  3. The Card is not transferable and is the property of the RAC. You must return your Card immediately if We ask You to. You must notify Us immediately if your Card is lost or stolen.

  4. The Card face shows the number of consecutive years of membership. The Card face also has a membership number, which denotes paid annual membership either as a Rewards or full Roadside Assistance member. Rewards members, although issued with a membership number, are not entitled to Roadside Assistance.

  5. The Card is colour coded according to the number of consecutive years of membership held with the RAC. The Card has the following colour-coded tiers:

    1. 0-4 years Blue membership card

    2. 5-9 years Bronze membership card

    3. 10-24 years Silver membership card

    4. 25 - 49 years Gold membership card

    5. 50 + years Gold Life membership card.

  6. We reserve the right to alter the colour-coded segmentation of the card.

  7. From time to time benefits under the Program may be segmented and made available to the different colour coded segments or members of specified membership length.

  8. Upon receipt of the Card, You must sign the Card on the reverse side in the white signature panel area. You may be required to provide your signature as a form of personal identification when accessing benefits from Program Partners.

  9. Renewal invoices for membership fees will continue to be issued on an annual basis and payment is required annually for You to maintain a current financial membership status.

  10. Member notices are deemed to be provided by the RAC once posted to the Member address listed on the Membership record.

  11. We may terminate your use of the Card without notice and for any reason, including if You: 

    • do not comply with these Terms and Conditions;

    • do not comply with the Conditions of any product or service hosted on the Card;

    • cease to be a Member of the RAC.

  12. If We terminate your use of the Card, You must return or destroy it as We direct.

  13. We are not liable for any malfunction of or delay in replacing the Card.

Member Benefits App

  1. The application collects information for the purposes of identifying the handset's device type and ID. This is important for issuing 'instant notifications' to users and reporting bugs/crashes. No other personal information is collected.
  2. The application allows the user to directly dial phone numbers by 'single click' from the application. The application will never attempt to dial phone numbers without user intervention.
  3. The application uses the systems cache to store temporary data.
  4. A local database is kept on the phones local system for partner data.
  5. The application will use the phones 3G data (or WIFI if available) from time to time to provide small partner updates to the application.


  1. Information on how We handle your personal information is explained in our in our Privacy Policy and our website Privacy and Security Statement.

  2. You should refer to Program Partners for a copy of their privacy policy and for information on how they handle your personal information.

  3. Program Partners will not have access to your name and address unless You agree to provide it to them. We take no responsibility for any information You may give to any Program Partner.

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