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Escape from Pompeii with WA Museum 

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Don’t miss this rare chance to see 2000-year-old Roman artefacts and the haunting body casts of victims of Mt Vesuvius. Escape from Pompeii: the untold Roman rescue is a world class exhibition, on now at the WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle.


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Save 25% off all standard ticket prices for the Escape from Pompeii The Untold Roman Rescue with WA Museum at the WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle. 

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Simply purchase your ticket from the WA Museum website via the special link below. Select your ticket type and the date/time you’d like to visit. 

You’ll also be asked to enter your RAC number which can be found on the front of your card ignoring all dashes and spaces – the discount will then be applied automatically.

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