Leavers is the time to unwind, hang out with friends and enjoy yourself. But after such a great break, it’s time to focus on the trip home. To help you out, RAC is inviting all leavers driving back from the South West to take a break.

On your way home, keep an eye out for this year’s RAC Leavers Pit Stop. On 23 November, the team will be at the rest stop on Dorsett Road Northbound on Forrest Hwy, 36km south of Mandurah, near Lake Clifton Road. 

You and your mates can enjoy free mechanical checks from our RAC Patrols to help make sure your car is in great working order. You’ll also score free giveaways, snacks and soft drinks to help you refuel and refocus before heading home.

 So come and say hi between 9am and 4pm on Friday 23 November!

Find out more information about the RAC Leavers Pit stop below.

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