The Gascoyne is part of WA's internationally renowned region for spectacular wildflowers. Peak wildflower season is dependent on the timing and abundance of seasonal rains but generally the best time to visit for wildflowers is from July – August.

August, 2017

Shark Bay Visitor Centre often sights the below beautiful blooms during wildflower season. The Gascoyne is known to host some of the most vibrant wildflowers such as Mulla mulla, Purple Haze, Sturt desert peas and Everlastings. 

This is what they've seen so far this season. 

Mulla mulla wildflower
You can find the Mulla mulla in Cape Range National Park

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Dirk Hartog Island

  • Shark Bay's famous Tamala Rose is in full bloom on the island. The aromatic Tamala rose is one of the region’s most showy species.


  • Red Sturt Desert Pea, otherwise known as Marlu Guru in Malgana (Kanngaroo Eye), is currently flowering at Yadgalah Aboriginal Corporation on Francis Rd.


Cape Range National Park

  • Access the National Park via Exmouth to find some striking and unqiue flowers including Mulla mulla, Red Sturt desert pea, Dampier pea and Green Bird Flower.