The variety of Western Australian wildflowers that carpet the Goldfields in spring is as diverse as the region's landscapes. You can see everlastings stretching to the wide horizon, gaze in awe at the deep purple mulla mulla and see eucalypt trees awash with brilliant colour.


August 2017

The staff at Australia's Golden Outback's favourite time of the year is during wildflower season. The region comes to life with flashes of bright colour as a result of the abundance of rich flora that carpets the area. The species below are some that you might see this season.

Donkey orchid
Donkey Orchids are in bloom in the Goldfields (Photo: Jenny Biddulph, Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show)

You can find these blooming along the South Coast Highway west of Ravensthorpe and along Ravensthorpe-Hopetoun and Jerdacuttup Roads:

  • Cauliflower Hakea
  • Blue Flowered Hakea
  • Pin Cushion Hakea
  • Donkey Orchids
  • Green Hood
  • Hare Orchids
  • Red Lechenaultia


  • Scarlet Banksia
  • Orchids


Orleans Bay and Wharton Beach

  • On Duke of Orleans Bay Road you can find Red Beaks, Painted Lady, Leek Orchids and Beard Heath
  • Eucalypts
  • Dryandras
  • Twining Clematis
  • Australian Bluebell
  • Fringe Lily
  • Pimelea
  • Agonis
  • Hakea

Great Ocean Drive and Observatory Point

  • Seasonal natural flora
  • Keep an eye out for the colourful Phymatocarpus Maxwellii, which starts to bloom in September 

Cape Le Grand National Park

  • Red Kangaroo Paws
  • Showy Banksia
  • Grass Tree
  • Cockies Tongue
  • Red Lechenaultia
  • Chorizema Pea
  • Donkey Orchids