Wildflower Country runs from Moora in the south to Dalwallinu in the east and Mullewa in the north and Greenhead and Geraldton to the West. The western and southern section of Wildflower Country is one of the world's richest flora areas – home to acres of shrubby vegetation known to Aborigines as "kwongan".


August, 2016

Wildflower Country Western Australia bloom with some of WA's richest flora each season. Endless sightings of carpets of Everlastings flourish across the region. Check out what Wildflower Country WA sighted during a great season of 2016.

Wreath flowers along the Wannarra Road are looking amazing – biggest people have seen in years. There are about 50-60 flowers along the road.

Wreath flowers are out in full force in Pindan, there are also two interpretive walk trails specifically for wildflowers. Beds of everlastings, you won’t be disappointed.

Depot Hill - Mingenew.

Gateway to Wildflower Country. Candy Bush Reserve is filled with Orchids at the moment. (No everlastings in Moora as it’s the wrong soil types).

Endless pink, yellow and white everlastings along the Carnamah – Perenjori Road.

Three Springs
You’ll find Snail, Donkey, Blue fairy and Spider orchids in town along Railway Road. Out of town in Arrino Hill there’s field of Yellow pom poms and Pink everlastings. Wreath flowers are just starting to appear. In a couple of weeks everything will be looking glorious! Dookanooka National Park is an 18km drive south west of Three Springs (towards Eneabba) has Pink everlastings and Yellow pom poms on display – worth a trip out to see!

Coalseam Conservation Park is approximately 30 minutes drive from Mingenew on the unsealed Coalseam Road. This is a must see as it is filled with everlastings – a beautiful site to see.

Wreath Flowers are out in small groups on Wubin East Rd, with more to come.   

Carpets of wildflowers at Coalseam Conservation Park.

Mia Moon reserve has good Yellow & White pom poms and Blue fairy, Snail & some Spider orchids have been found at the second rock 200mtrs further west opposite the old school site. Petrudor Rocks, perfect picnic spot with blue fairy & leek orchids found at the top of the rock.

Free camping site at Canna located 40kms north of Morawa towards Mullewa. In Canna you will find blue fairy orchids and pink candy orchids. Wreath flowers starting to appear on the Yalgoo Rd.

Coorow - close to town
On the track around Coorow Farm, 1km east of Coorow on the Coorow-Latham Rd there are Enamel, Spider and Donkey orchids. On the now Bart Mailey Memorial Wildflower Walk, Yellow and Pink pom poms, White and Pink everlastings and Blue enamel and Pink fairy orchids. Pom poms and everlastings are prolific. Enamel orchids and everlastings are in bloom on the gravel track 500m north of town on the east side of the Midlands Road.

Coorow - further out
Wreath flowers are just starting to bloom on Crn of Williams Road & Coorow-Latham Rd) 32kms east of Coorow in and around the gravel pit. Spider orchids around Lake Eganu which is located in the Pinjarrega Nature Reserve 20kms West of Coorow on the north side of the Coorow – Green Head Rd.