Wildflower Country runs from Moora in the south to Dalwallinu in the east and Mullewa in the north and Greenhead and Geraldton to the West. The western and southern section of Wildflower Country is one of the world's richest flora areas – home to acres of shrubby vegetation known to Aborigines as "kwongan".


August, 2017

Wildflower country blooms with some of WA's richest flora each season. Endless carpets of everlastings flourish across the region. Check out which blooms you might see in WA's wildflower country this season.

Indian Ocean Drive
Head north from Perth and look out just before Cervantes to find "Grass Tree Valley" which is currently in flower.

Mount Lesueur National Park
Head inland from Jurien Bay to access this great park with a large variety of bush flowers. Driving along Cockleshell Gully Road, be careful of kangaroos which can be found actively inhabiting the gravel roads. You can see Dense Smoke BushCats Claw, Prickly Moses, Menzies Banksia, Propeller Banksia, Calectasia/Blue tinsel Lily/Star of Bethlehem, Hibertia, Thryptomene, Grevillea and many, many more. At the Lesueur Walk Trail, Grass Trees are also in flower.

Wildflower Country 2017
Wildflowers in Mt Lesueur National Park

The area between Eneabba and Badgingarra has been receiving enough rain for all the usual species to be coming out. Notably, the One Sided bottlebrush (Calothamnus quadrifidus) is out now at Hi Vallee Farm.

Visit Western Flora Caravan Park to see the sandplains of Eneabba turning into bush flowers due to the recent rains. There are lots of different species of birds to be sighted. Keep an eye out for Kangaroo paw, various HakeaYellow Myrtle bush, Droseras, and budding Verticordia. This seems to be the year for Orchids in Eneabba. Wildflowers have started to appear, including the Crinkle-leafed Bunny orchid, Arrowsmith orchid, Blue-Fairy orchid, some Greenhead orchid and Slender Snail orchid.