You’ll save money, get the best performance from your car battery and extend its life with these simple maintenance tips.

1. Drive your car regularly

Batteries like to be kept fully charged. Leaving your car stationary for an extended period affects your battery’s charge and how long it lasts.

2. Get your car serviced on a regular basis

RAC Auto Services will check that your battery is charged correctly during your car service. As an RAC member you get 10% off labour charges at RAC Auto Services centres.

3. Avoid draining your battery

Avoid regularly leaving car accessories on because this will discharge the battery. Excessively draining your battery may shorten its life. Leaving the internal lights on is one of the most common causes of a flat battery. Also, don’t forget to lock your car so the computer system shuts down.

4. Keep the car battery case clean

Dirt and dampness can damage your battery case and may cause your battery to lose charge. Ensure the case and terminals are checked and cleaned during every major service.

5. Jump-starting a flat car battery can damage electronics

If you have a flat battery, call us on 13 11 11. We have the necessary equipment to get you going again without damaging the electronics, saving you time and money.

6. Charge your battery

Recharge your battery on a regular basis. Just driving it regularly is not always enough to keep your battery fully charged (especially after a flat battery).

Last updated October 2017