We’re the driving force for a better WA

Since our foundation in 1905, the needs of our members and the Western Australian community have guided our path. Together with our members we will continue to be the driving force for a better WA.

  • Safe

    Less reliance on cars, better roads, and safer vehicles and road users will dramatically reduce the number of Western Australians killed or injured on our roads. 

    We want to reduce the killed and serious injury rates by 50% by 2025.  

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  • Sustainable

    Fewer cars overall, and more low and zero emissions vehicles, means cleaner air, greener towns and cities, and a healthier WA.

    We want to reduce C02 emissions by 20% and NOx emissions by 15% (per kilometre travelled by car) by 2025.

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  • Connected

    Vibrant and liveable communities and an extensive network of cycling and walking paths bring people together more often; meaning more social neighbourhoods.

    We want the cost of public transport and private motoring to remain at or below CPI, and we want a Vehicle kilometres travelled (VKT) per capita to be reduced by 5% in 2030, leading to our community feeling more connected.

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