Choose the right tyres to maximise your driving experience.

Having the right tyres will make a huge difference to your driving experience. They make for a smoother ride, reduce fuel consumption, increase your safety and make maintenance easier. Here are some tips to think about when choosing your next set of tyres.

What’s the right tyre size for my car?

On the side wall of your tyre, you’ll find the details of your tyres. They will also be listed in your vehicle manual. This detail will tell you what size you need when buying new tyres.

What type of tyres should I buy?
This is dependent on the type of driving you do (country/city), how far you travel and what you use your vehicle for. We are able to recommend tyres to suit your needs and provide the option of Basic, Recommended and Premium to suit your budget.
How many tyres should I buy?

Buy in pairs. That way you won't have issues with uneven wear or alignment problems. If you’re replacing just two tyres it's recommended that you put the new wheels on the front of the car. Most of your braking, steering and handling is on the front wheels.

Do all the tyres on my car need to be the same brand?

Different brands have different handling characteristics which is why the same brand is often recommended for all four tyres. It’s recommended that your two front tyres are the same brand so that your steering, handling and braking is even on your vehicle.

What if I only need one tyre?

It’s possible to purchase just one tyre but it should be the same as the other front tyre and also match the tyre specifications detailed for your vehicle.