By: Jane Hammond

E-bikes are getting lighter, more affordable and they're  more in demand than ever before. We check out 10 new models available in WA in 2021.

E-bikes enjoyed a remarkable rise in popularity in 2020, due to COVID-19 restrictions, as commuters across the globe looked for alternatives to crowded buses and trains to get to work. There was a similar sharp increase in sales of regular bicycles in WA during 2020.

Neville Tierney from E-Go Electric Bikes in Wangara says that with overseas holidays currently on hold, the demand for e-bikes has never been greater. He says many people are buying an e-bike for recreation and also to take on holidays in WA, including foldables for easy transportation or e-bikes for touring tracks and trails.

“We’re getting a lot of ‘his and her’ type bike sales with couples wanting to make the most of our environment and get out of the house.”

But the exceptional demand coupled with the closing of factories due to lockdown has resulted in e-bike shortages.

Nathan Reizer from Perth Electric Bike Centre in Osborne Park said e-bikes were literally flying off the showroom floor for most of 2020 and demand remains high.

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“We’d normally be able to cope with the shortage, but it’s coincided with a doubling in demand for e-bikes as people start to reject trains and buses and look for new ways to commute.”

The Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry has forecast world e-bike sales to double within the next five years and business magazine Forbes reports that sales are tipped to reach 17 million a year by 2030 up from 3.7 million last year.

Jakub Pszczola from Bikemore in Subiaco is not surprised by the rise of the e-bike. He believes they are one of the most efficient modes of transport and can be fully charged for just a few cents.

With shortages of e-bikes expected to continue well into 2021, you’ll need to get your orders in early, but here are some new models to consider.

E-Go Compact

E-Go compact foldable ebike

The E-Go Compact retails at $1,495 and is lightweight and foldable. Considered entry level, the E-Go Compact has the advantage of being easy to store and travel with.

Being lightweight this is the perfect e-bike for caravanners or travellers of any kind, as it can be folded down and stored whilst not in use is relatively easy to transport.

It’s scheduled to arrive in WA in mid-February 2021.

E-Go Urban Supremo

E-Go Urban Supremo ebike

The E-Go Urban Supremo, which sells for around $2,290, has a few defining features, including its mid-drive motor, gel seat and hydraulic brakes. It’s the perfect e-bike for a weekend jaunt or even a commute to work. The internal hub Shimano gears ensure less time for maintenance and more time to hit the pavement.

E-Go Urban Tourer

E-Go Urban Tourer ebike

The E-Go Urban Tourer looks like an ordinary bike but has the power of a slim but efficient battery. It retails at around $1,790.

“This is the perfect step-through e-bike, great for people who struggle to step over larger bikes,” says Neville Tierney from E-Go Electric Bikes.

The sleek battery design on this electric bike will make people look twice to confirm it is actually electric.

Velo De Ville AEB 490 Step-Through

Velo De Ville AEB 490 Step Through

The Velo De Ville AEB 490 Step-Through is a classic looking German-made bike. It's beautifully designed and engineered and has a Bosch-powered integrated battery, Bosch performance motor, hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable handlebars and suspension seat post. It comes in 13 different colours and is built to last a lifetime.

It retails at around $4,599.

Kalkhoff-Endeavour 3.B Move

Kalkhoff-Endeavour 3.B Move ebike

Also German-built is the handcrafted Kalkhoff-Endeavour 3.B Move.

This bike has a good pedigree coming from the 100-year-old Kalkhoff bicycle stable. Every Kalkhoff bike is produced individually and hand welded. The brand has an extensive testing laboratory ensuring the bikes can meet the demands of riders around the world.

The Endeavour 3.B Move is known for its style, its build quality and the quality of its components.

It features a Bosch motor at the pedals which gives the rider better stability and the feeling of being on a traditional bike. It is priced at around $4,799.

Orbea Gain M30

Orbea Gain M30 ebike

Well concealed cabling gives the Orbea Gain M30 e-bike a well finished and sleek style. It looks like a standard road bike and is lightweight with a carbon frame.

The Orbea Gain comes with high quality components and can be customised to suit the buyer.

It sells for around $6,999.

Avanti Montari E-Sports

Avanti Montari E-Sports ebike

The popular Avanti Montari E-Sports is a great value ‘mid-drive’ e-bike according to Jakub Pszczola from Bikemore. It features a Shimano motor and is perfect for both on and off-road cycling. The bike has the appearance of a traditional mountain bike. It retails for around $2,800.

Earth T-Rex

Earth T-Rex ebikes

This e-bike has the ability to extend its range to up to 200km with a second battery mounted on the frame. This makes it the ideal choice for a serious tourer or long-range commuter.

It comes with integrated lights, mud guards, a comfortable head stem and a rear rack as standard features.

The Earth T-Rex with one battery is around $3,690 or with two batteries $4,490.

The Ordica Neo

The Ordica Neo ebike

This popular e-bike has some exceptional features especially for older riders, including enhanced stability. It is also a great bike for sharing as it has a stem that can be adjusted to suit the rider in seconds. It is available with either 24 or 26-inch wheels.

This bike is exceptionally comfortable to ride. It costs around $2,800.

Norco Scene VLT

The Norco Scene VL is designed for urban cruising and as a replacement for a car. It is easy to ride with a step-through design and low centre of gravity.

It comes with a removeable battery allowing you to park and take the battery with you to the office to charge away from the bike.

The Norco has a stylish aluminium frame, almost-silent Shimano drive system and sells for around $3,999.

Norco Scene VLT ebike

Recommendations for our 2021 e-bikes came from:
Bikemore, Perth Electric Bikes, Perth Electric Bike Centre and E-Go Electric Bikes

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