Although it’s difficult to know exactly when the condition of your car battery is going to become terminal there are a few warning signs you can watch out for.

The engine sounds different

When you hear the starter turning the engine more slowly than usual, this is a sign the battery may be struggling.

Lights are flashing

The battery light on the dashboard may light up. Although this is not always an indication the battery is going to die, the light relays information about the battery and charging system. It would be advisable to get the charging system checked.

It looks a bit gunky

Check for any signs of battery leaks and any scaly build-up on the battery terminals.

It’s been a while

Be careful not to leave your car sitting for long periods without use. This could lead to battery failure. Prolong the life of your battery by giving it a full recharge with a suitable battery charger.

It’s had its third birthday

An older battery (more than three years) is less likely to withstand extreme weather conditions. Very hot or cold weather may cause it to fail sooner. We all know we’ll have to replace our car batteries sooner or later.

Last updated July 2018