16 June, 2017

After more than 90 years' experience in helping people during a breakdown and 70 years of insuring cars, we have a unique insight into car breakdowns and crashes.

How often?

How many cars break down in a day? More than you think. On average, we’re talking about more than 950 West Australians who suffer car trouble every day of the year.

Crash and breakdown frequency WA

Incident type 

There are few surprises here – despite technology in cars going ahead in leaps and bounds, the batteries that power our petrol-driven friends is what most often lets us and our cars down.


Crashes and breakdowns in WA by incident type

Time of day 

The chances of breaking down are not that much different between morning and afternoon – when we are most likely to get in our cars and go somewhere. There may be some comfort in the fact that breakdowns often happen at home.


WA crashes and breakdowns by time of day

Worst dates
Forget superstition, this is the data that tells you the days that really are a bit unlucky to be on the road. Many are linked to long weekends and given the prominence of December 23, it looks like Christmas really does send us a bit crazy after all.


Worst dates for crashes and breakdowns in WA

Source: RAC Roadside Assistance, RAC Insurance.

Top three reasons for breakdowns

Flat tyres, flat batteries and locking your keys in your car are the most common reasons member call RAC Roadside Assistance. As well as retrieving your keys we can deliver you a new battery and we have a mobile tyre fitting service.

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Whether you drive a little or a lot....

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