Why wear a helmet?

Case control studies have found helmets provide up to an 88% reduction in the risk of head, brain and severe brain injuries.

That’s why it’s not only smart to wear a helmet, it’s compulsory. It’s also just as important to make sure it’s the right helmet.

A bike helmet should:

  • Fit firmly on the head, with the chin strap securely fastened.
  • Not move when you push it back and forward on your head (if it does, it won‘t protect the front or back of your head if you fall).
  • You should also try to wear brightly coloured clothes (or reflective at night) so other people can see you clearly.

Bike equipment

You can’t ride safely without the right equipment. Check your bike against our equipment diagram below.

  • A red rear reflector.
  • A working bell.
  • A white front reflector.
  • A working rear brake. If it has twin brakes, both should work.
  • Two yellow pedal reflectors on each pedal.
  • Two yellow reflectors on each wheel.
Bike safety diagram
Tap the image above to zoom in.

Bike safety is simple:

  • Ride responsibly.
  • Know the road rules.
  • Know the footpath rules.
  • Get the right size bike.
  • Check your equipment.
  • Wear the right gear.

For more information on bike safety and how to brush up on your bike skills, visit the westcycle website.