RAC Road Ready has proudly teamed up with Surfing WA to bring you No Txt No Wrecks, which aims to educate young drivers on the dangers of inattention.

Here's what some young surfers have to say about staying safe on the road.

Why is this message important to us?

Finding the best waves can mean spending lots of time on the road. Driver inattention is a big issue with young drivers, especially texting while driving.

We want to encourage people to focus on the drive and help prevent the devastation of road crashes caused by driver inattention.

In 2015, Surfing WA launched the No Txt No Wrecks initiative to educate drivers on the dangers of inattention, especially texting while behind the wheel.

WA has a serious road safety problem. Last year alone, 194 people lost their lives on WA roads and many more were seriously injured.

RAC is proud to get behind No Txt No Wrecks and help spread the message that distracted driving isn’t worth the risk.

We want to spread this message to as many young Western Australians as possible. Join us and be part of the solution!

How can you get involved?

You can lead by example. Make sure your phone is safely stored away and out of reach while driving.

If you see a friend using their phone while driving, speak up.

Help us spread the No Txt No Wrecks message by using #NoTxtNoWrecks on social media.