Speeding can cost your life

 You might be running late, feeling stressed or your passengers might be telling you to drive faster, but speeding is never worth it. According to the Road Safety Commission:

  • On average around 60 people are killed on our roads every year because of speeding-related crashes.
  • Around 375 people in WA suffer serious, life-changing injuries because of speeding-related crashes every year.
  • More than a third (or 39%) of those killed on our roads in 2015 were in speed-related crashes.
  • Most deaths from speed-related crashes in the Perth metro area in 2015 happened in 60 km/h speed zones.

Find out more about the devastating impact of speeding in WA on the Road Safety Commission website.

There’s no such thing as “safe” speeding

The faster you drive, the longer it takes to stop. If you drive even 5km per hour over the speed limit, you need more time (and space in front of you) to stop safely.

Slowing down is the best thing you can do to help avoid a crash and keep yourself and your passengers safe.

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Speeding can cost you money

Driving over the speed limit is illegal. If you drive too fast and get caught by police or a speed camera, you’ll face a fine and possible demerit points. The size of the penalty depends on your speed, but fines start from $100. You could do a lot more with that money, right?

Put yourself in the driver’s seat

Your choices can lead to different outcomes on the road. Try our interactive app which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You’ll follow a group of friends on a road trip and see how different decisions can make big impacts, both good and bad.

Slow down and get there safely

Being a good driver means you:

  • Look after yourself, your passengers and other road users.
  • Follow traffic laws and respect other road users.
  • Change your driving to suit the road conditions.

As a good driver, you stick to the speed limit and slow down when you need to in certain traffic or weather conditions.

Find out more

To find fact sheets, tips and more information about the devastating impact of speeding in WA, visit the Road Safety Commission website.