RAC Road Ready teen driving

Another driver cuts you off and you miss your turn off – now you’re going to be late for school. Will getting angry change what’s happened or make the situation better? No, it won’t. 

If another driver shouts at you, follows too closely, flashes their lights at you or forces you to pull over or stop – it’s inconsiderate and can be dangerous.   

Road rage happens too often and it’s up to all of us to make sure we don’t behave badly on the road; and don’t react when someone else does either.

Tips to keep your cool:

  • Keep clear of any cars driving in an unsafe way.
  • Be patient when merging. Give other drivers room to merge and don’t cut in on them.
  • Allow at least two seconds (or more) between your car and the one in front. Don’t tailgate.
  • If another driver makes a mistake, don’t over react. Avoid conflict by staying calm.
  • If you make a mistake, give the other driver a wave. Say sorry to other drivers for your errors and say thanks if they’re courteous back.

If another driver loses their cool:

  • Ignore it. Avoid eye contact and carry on as if nothing has happened.
  • Don’t respond if they challenge you. Avoid any sudden acceleration, braking or swerving.
  • Stay calm, get the details of the offending vehicle and head to the nearest police station to report it.
  • Never risk your safety by getting out of the car to deal with an aggressive driver. If confronted, remain in the car with the windows closed and door locked. Call for help on a mobile phone (once you have stopped driving).


If you ever feel like you’re being followed, don’t confront the other driver. Go to a police station if you know the area or head to a public place.

If you witness or are involved in an incident, call the police on 9222 1111.