The thought of heading down south (or driving north, east or west for that matter) with your friends after exams - we can see you smiling from here.  We also know mum and dad are likely to be a bit stressed about the whole thing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let them know, you got this!

If you’re planning to go away for Leavers 2016, take charge of your road trip. Some simple prep will help you stay safe on the road and help keep your parents sane.

How to stay safe on your Leavers road trip:

  • Don’t drive tired. Organise to share the driving and swap drivers every couple of hours at least.
  • Make plans to stop, stretch and revive at points along the way.
  • If you’re planning to drink, make plans not to drive. P-plate drivers’ Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) must be zero.
  • Don’t drive late at night. P-plate drivers who’ve had their licence less than six months can’t drive between midnight and 5am (unless it’s for work, training or education – so Leavers doesn’t count).
  • Make sure all your passengers are wearing their seatbelts at all times.

RAC Leavers Pit Stop

As thousands of Leavers head down south with fresh licences and new cars, we like to make sure there’s help on hand on what could be your longest drive yet!

Driver fatigue and backseat distractions are at a high – so we invite all Leavers driving back from the South West to take a break at the RAC Leavers Pit Stop.

Leavers can enjoy:

  • Free mechanical checks from RAC Patrols to help make sure your car is in working order.
  • Free giveaways, snacks and soft drink to refuel for your drive.
  • Entertainment so you can let off some energy before heading off again.

Check back here closer to Leavers for the time and location of the 2016 RAC Leavers Pit Stop.

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Leaver’s 2016 dates: 21 – 24 November 2016.

For more information on Leavers in WA see the official website.

Heading off for Leavers? 

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