Packing the car

Prepare your car

Teen checking the coolant level of her car
  • Clean all your windows and mirrors, fill your windscreen washer bottle and do oil/water/tyre checks.
  • Check your seat is in a good position for driving.
  • Plan your route beforehand so you know where you’re going.
  • Check where the rest stops and petrol stations are along the way.

Stay safe on the drive

  • Have plenty of drinking water ready in case you breakdown.
  • Charge your phone and always store your roadside assistance or mechanic details in the car.
  • Slow down and reduce your speed for the conditions (i.e. on different road surfaces such as gravel).
  • Take breaks along the way. Should you feel tired at all, pull over straight away.
  • When overtaking a slower or larger vehicle (or one that blocks your vision), hang further back so you can see further ahead. This should give you more room to smoothly accelerate and move your vehicle to the opposite side of the road to start your overtaking.
  • Don’t overtake unless it’s safe to do so.
  • Limit your use of cruise control until you are an experienced driver. If using cruise control, you still need to remain alert and ready to take over around bends, going up or down hills or when conditions change.