Curriculum-linked lessons

At RAC, we believe road safety education should involve a safe system approach with schools, homes and the local community working together. 

We’ve created a range of lesson plans and in class workshops that are aligned to the Western Australian Curriculum to help you integrate road safety education into your school as part of a safe system approach.

Road safety education fits within the ‘Personal, social and community health’ Strand of the Health and Physical Education learning area of the Western Australian Curriculum and is best delivered in a cross curricula context.

Year 10: 

The key Sub Strand and Content Description related to road safety from the Year 10 Health and Physical Education learning area can be found in the following table.

Sub Strand Content Description
Being healthy, safe and active • Skills and strategies to manage situations where risk is encouraged by others
• Analysis of images and messages in the media related to: alcohol and other drugs; road safety; relationships
Communicating and interacting for health and well being • Skills and strategies to promote respectful relationships, such as: appropriate emotional responses in a variety of situations; taking action if a relationship is not respectful; appropriate bystander behaviour in physical and online interactions
• Critical health literacy skills and strategies, such as: evaluating health services in the community; examining policies and processes for ensuring safer behaviours
Contributing to healthy and active communities • Health campaigns and/or community-based activities designed to raise awareness, influence attitudes, promote healthy behaviours and increase connection to the community

Lesson plans and workshops

Lesson Plans

RAC Community Education has created a series of road safety lessons that reinforce the RAC Road Ready Graphic Novel.  These lessons are designed to be delivered in sequence and can be delivered by you in your classroom.

Year 10:

  1. Pre lesson “Road safety in the media
  2. Main lesson “Road safety interactive graphic novel– play and learn
  3. Post lesson “Resilience and road safety

In class workshops

RAC Community Education has a series of in class workshops (incursions) which they can deliver to your class.

Year 10:

  1. Back seat driver
  2. Drink, drugs and driving
  3. Buying a car
  4. My decisions, my destination
  5. Towards zero

RAC also deliver the ‘Keys for Life Workshop For Parents’ in metropolitan schools on behalf of School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA).

To book an in class workshop please contact RAC Community Education on 9436 4471 or email