If you’re taking your car or motorbike on an international trip, you’ll need a Carnet.

A driving holiday around the world is a dream of many. Driving your own vehicle gives you the freedom to travel independently, stay a long or short time as the mood takes you and provides the opportunity to visit places off the beaten track and to visit well known sights and attractions.

For some, the comfort and familiarity of your own vehicle far surpasses the desire to rent a car or motorbike when overseas. So like yourself, your car (or motorbike) needs a passport to travel overseas. A Carnet (pronounced car-nay) also known as a Carnet de Passages en Douane or CPD is a simple document that acts as your car or motorbike's passport.

The word Carnet comes from the French meaning ‘notebook’. As well as being a passport for your car (or motorcycle), it is comprised of a book of vouchers.

a motorbike in a box pre-flight
Considering taking your own vehicle overseas?

A Carnet allows visitors to temporarily import vehicles for a limited period of time into other countries, with a minimum of formality and without the need to make a cash deposit at the frontier in local currency, equivalent to Customs duty and other excise taxes.

It is essential to have a Carnet for the temporary importation of vehicles into New Zealand, most of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. A Carnet is needed for some but not all countries in Europe or North America.

Your car must remain registered in Australia for the full period the Carnet is in use. If not your Carnet is invalid.

Download the application form or contact the Australian Automobile Association to apply for a Carnet. 

...The Carnet is essential and having a Carnet makes the paperwork process at border crossings, quick and easy. A Carnet also simplifies having to explain to officials what you are doing, where you've been and where you are going.... Josh, whilst driving from Australia to Ireland