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Enter one of the State's most spectacular wildflower regions on this leisurely drive north - even if you go out of wildflower season, it's still a stunning road trip.  

A road trip map of Perth to Mullewa via Cervantes
Distance Approx. 1036km
When to visit All year round. July - October (wildflower season)
Itinerary Perth - Cervantes - Mullewa - Perth
Tips for travel
Take a camera to snap some wonderful wildflowers on your journey, especially the elusive wreath flower. Stay safe on your road trip.
Highlights  Badgingarra Nature Trail - Pinnacles - fresh seafood in Cervantes - Lesueur National Park - Coalseam Conservation Park - picnicking at Mingenew Hill - wildflower towns along the Midlands Road

Perth to Cervantes (254km)

Instead of taking the coastal route, take Brand Highway to see some of WA’s stunning wildflowers and inland scenery.

Stop at the Cataby Roadhouse for a break before visiting Badgingarra National Park, where you can see an array of wildflowers when in season. The 2km Badgingarra Nature Trail starts near the Badgingarra Roadhouse and will take you through the best of the seasonal wildflowers.

Head west to the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park, where rock formations rise out of the earth up to 3.5m high. These alien-looking peaks are one of WA’s biggest tourist attractions, so make sure your camera is charged and ready.

After the Pinnacles your next stop is Lake Thetis, one of only five thrombolite sites in the state. These living fossils resemble the earliest forms of life on earth.

Sate your hunger at the Lobster Shack, which serves fresh local seafood. Stay overnight in Cervantes at RAC Cervantes Holiday Park before hitting the road for more wildflowers in the morning.

The Pinnacles at dusk
The Pinnacles near Cervantes are a popular photography spot (Photo: Tourism WA)

Cervantes to Mullewa (319km)

Head out of Cervantes on Indian Ocean Drive and go north to Lesueur National Park via Jurien Bay. The park contains more than 800 different species of flora, with many not found anywhere else in the world.

The best view of the park can be seen on Cockleshell Gully Road, but those without a four-wheel drive can still see blooms from Brand Highway.

When you get back to Brand Highway, turn left at Warradarge and continue to the coastal town of Dongara. Take a selfie with the Big Western Rock Lobster, visit the Irwin District Museum, or check out the local beachfront.

Follow Brand Highway east through Mingenew, where you’ll see the Coalseam Conservation Park. When in season, carpets of white, pink and yellow everlastings blanket the landscape in colour.

Mullewa is famous for its wildflowers and offers a number of walk trails to explore. In the township, visit the scenic lookout, see how many wildflower murals you can spot, and if you visit at the right time of year check out the Mullewa Muster or the Wildflower Show. 

Coalseam Conservation Park lookout
At the right time of year, the landscape will be bright with colours at Coalseam Conservation Park

Mullewa to Perth via Mingenew (463km)

Look out for the distinctive shape of the wreath flower (Leschenaultia macrantha) as you drive south from Mullewa back towards Perth. You'll see a rich diversity of migratory bird life, native foxglove, and carpets of everlastings.

If you have time, stop in Mingenew and see the Museum which has artefacts dating back to the 1850s. Mingenew Hill is a great place for a picnic, and the Depot Hill walk trail is a highlight in Wildflower Country.

Find the Midlands Road and pass through towns like Three Springs, Coorow and Carnamah.

The journey back to Perth is picturesque along Great Northern Highway, so keep your eye out for wildflowers and spots to stop and take in the serenity. Always be cautious when pulling over to stop.

The Bindoon Bakehaus is a tasty snack stop on your way back to the city, while the rolling hills of Chittering Valley are a lovely backdrop to your drive.

Share your favourite road trip photos with us on Instagram using @racwa. And if you need music for your travels, download our For the Drive playlist from Spotify so you can just hit play and focus on the drive.

Last updated September 2018

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