Don’t want to leave your dog behind when you go on a holiday? Luckily in WA, you won’t have to.

With plenty of dog-friendly campgrounds, beaches, walk trails and tourist attractions to explore, there’s no excuse not to pack the lead and bring your dog along on an epic WA holiday.

So we’ve done the hard work for you. Here is your guide to holidaying with your dog in WA – from dog-friendly destinations, things to do, places to stay and tips on how to get there safely.

Where to go

While finding dog-friendly accommodation is one part of the puzzle, choosing a destination that has overall pet-friendliness is just as important. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of great dog-friendly holiday spots in WA that not only have somewhere to stay, but are generally a great place to go with your pet – whether it be because of their great parks, pet-friendly beaches or cafes and restaurants that welcome furry friends.

Just remember, unless you're in a designated off-leash area, always keep your dog safely restrained and stay away from areas with 1080 baits. These poisonous baits, intended for foxes and feral cats, are lethal for domestic pets. Look out for signs warning about baits in the area - and also, check the location of vets nearby so you know where to go in an emergency. Check DPAW's 1080 bait location map if you're uncertain. 

What to do

After you’ve picked your destination, it’s time to plan some dog-friendly activities to keep your pooch entertained. Taking them for a walk is obviously a great way for them to burn off some of that energy, so check out 10 of the best dog-friendly walking trails in WA. And if you’ve got a very social dog, research any dog-friendly cafes, bars, restaurants, markets or parks in the area.

If you’re holidaying close to Perth, start your morning with a stroll and a splash at one of Perth’s best dog beaches, or enjoy an afternoon walk on one of the 10 best dog-friendly walking trails around Perth.

Where to stay

One of the most popular choices for accommodation when travelling with dogs is camping. There are plenty of dog-friendly campgrounds across WA to choose from, just remember to keep them on a leash at all times so they don’t impact the natural environment of the campground, like running off and eating the natural flora and fauna, for instance.

If you’re staying closer to the city, there are loads of dog-friendly campgrounds within a few hours of Perth. Ranging from inner-city caravan parks to lakeside spots down south, these sites provide the perfect excuse for a weekend getaway with your dog.

Or if you’re eager to explore some RAC Parks & Resorts, there are pet-friendly parks in a range of iconic WA locations, including Busselton, Broome, Cervantes, Exmouth, Esperance, Monkey Mia and Shark Bay. Plus, RAC members save up to 20%* on accommodation.

Getting there safely

Once you’re ready to set off your holiday, make sure you know how to (legally) road trip with your dog. The rules around this differ from state to state, but in WA the law is that an animal being transported in a vehicle must not be in position where they could distract or obstruct the vision of the driver. So simply popping your pet onto the front passenger seat unrestrained where they could move freely around the car, distract you, obstruct your vision or even climb onto your lap, is not allowed.

It also goes without saying that your dog must be inside the car at all times, as having its paws or head hanging out the window of a moving vehicle puts them – and other drivers – in a fair bit of danger.

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Last updated: November 2020