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9 January, 2019

Our state's contrasting colours, dramatic landscapes, and laidback vibes are an Instagrammer's dream.

Western Australia is rich with photogenic spots ready to be explored, shared and tagged with the world. Because really, what's the point of taking that perfect shot if it's not to make your own friends and family green with envy?

Here are some of WA's most popular Insta-spots. We happen to think they are interesting as well as beautiful. And best of all, when it comes to a great photo, these scenic spots do the hard work for you - #nofilter.

Kings Park, Perth

Nearly 5.7 million visitors wandered the grounds of Kings Park last year, so not surprisingly it’s one of the most popular WA tags on Instagram with more than 215,000 posts.

And there’s a good reason. In wildflower season, Kings Park blooms with colour and Instagram opportunities a-plenty. You can also get an iconic view of Perth, overlooking the Swan and Canning Rivers, at any time of day.

Plus, given the size of the Park, there's plenty of nooks, vantages and outlooks for you to find your own unique #kingspark pic.


Karijini National Park

This huge, scenic Karijini National Park in the Pilbara has everything you need for that picture-perfect Insta shot to make your mates jealous back at home.

You can explore picturesque gorges like Hancock Gorge or Dales Gorge, swim in the clear waterways, be dwarfed by waterfalls, or just relax in the shade and take in the surroundings. Oxer Lookout is a great spot for that sweeping panorama over four epic gorges.

You'll also be spoiled for choice for that perfect Insta pic with more than 620,000 hectares of pristine natural landscape to explore.


The Pinnacles, Cervantes 

These alien rock formations, formed about 25,000 years ago, make the perfect backdrop for an Insta pic.

About two hours north of Perth, the unusual limestone structures attract nearly 200,000 visitors every year. The rock formations can be as high as 5m tall and are scattered across the rippling golden sand of Nambung National Park.

For something special, snap the Pinnacles at sunrise or sunset for the best colours or stick around at night to try your luck at astrophotography. The stars and the Pinnacles side by side are truly out of this world.

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Busselton Jetty, South-West

Nearly 44,000 photos appear under the #busseltonjetty hashtag. The jetty is an amazing 1.8km long, so if you like strong leading lines the jetty tram tracks provide them straight out to sea.

Photographers also like to capture to quaint blue/grey jetty buildings against a fiery summer sunrise or shoot the jetty start from the white sandy beach to the north where the water is clear and postcard perfect. Busselton is a two and a half hour drive from Perth. 


Quokka Selfie, Rottnest Island

Their chubby cheeks set in a permanent grin have earned the quokka the title of happiest animal on earth and that makes for a joyful Instagram picture.

Superstars Margot Robbie, Roger Federer and Hugh Jackman are among those who haves shared quokka selfies from Rottnest Island, giving them global Insta-fame.

Given the quokka’s small stature, taking a quokka selfie is not as easy as it sounds and takes a fair bit of rolling around on the ground, but the adorable photo you’ll have afterwards makes it all worth it.


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