Now you've decided which type of car you want to restore, what next?

Classic car restoration is mostly a labour of love that will likely take just as much as it gives.

Here's some suggestions on sourcing the right car and getting the help you need, both for parts and expert advice.

How to find your classic car for restoration. 

1. Research your ride

Google the type of car you want to buy. Find out as much as you can and soak up as much information as you can so you are across everything you might need to know, including how rare the parts are.

2. Make new car friends

Sometimes someone knows someone who has an old car they want an enthusiast to have. You might pick one up reasonably priced or they may have some spare parts.

Car clubs across Australia are a great place to meet other enthusiasts of your chosen model. Get in touch with them and visit your local ones - you are likely to meet people that can really guide you along the way and members are a good source of advice on what to do when carrying out repairs.

Look around for enthusiastic old-school car repairers. Real enthusiasts get a kick out of what they do. They want to see the classics running smooth and looking good, so will sometimes do work at no cost.

3. Sourcing your car and parts

Perth is a small city and parts are difficult to come by. You’ll probably have to research and source them from outside the WA bubble. If you’re having trouble sourcing parts in Australia, they’re often available from the UK or America for non-Australian cars.There are also a few car auctions around. Shannon’s Auctions is a good one to try. Sometimes old classics come up for sale cheap.

4. Set up your space properly

When restoring a car, you will need a good undercover area with space to move and spread out all the parts you take off during repairs. The right space and the right tools will make the restoration process a lot more enjoyable.

Last updated September 2017