What does classic car restoration actually mean?  

Does it count if you buy an almost perfect FJ Holden and add some new seats?

Definitions vary depending who you ask, and are probably not as important as understanding that there are different types of restoration.

Generally speaking, most enthusiasts will recognise variations of the following:

1. Professional ground-up restoration

Otherwise known as an old barn find, or a full restoration. These are for the experts, so unless you are one, we recommend steering clear. These old beauties need specialists and professionals to make parts and engines from scratch. And most likely deep pockets and an unlimited budget.

2. Concourse restoration

Bringing an already running/drivable car back to an as new condition. A concourse restoration involves stripping everything back to bare metal and stripping down the engine. This restoration aims for perfection – again, more suitable for a professional or someone with a limitless budget.

3. So called ‘oily rag’ restorations

Finding a vehicle that is running and bringing it back to good running order and condition. Most oily rag restorations will aim to keep the car somewhat original. These are the types of cars that are typically found at local car shows. You could get into one of these for less than $10,000.

Last updated September 2017