18 December, 2019

If you work a little harder for that perfect shot, WA will reward you handsomely.

Travelling further off the beaten track in WA can reveal some spectacularly beautiful places that are photogenic to a tee. The kind of places that will have your Insta friends clicking the heart button and quietly give you extra kudos for the originality of the locale. 

So here's our list of some of the best locations for that WA Insta shot that will take things up a notch from the quokka selfie. Just don't forget to add the humble-brag #justanotherdayinwa. 

1. Emma Gorge, El Questro

On top of the waterfall, in front of the waterfall, even under the waterfall – pretty much any angle of #emmagorge is photogenic.

A cascading 65m waterfall filling a natural rocky-bottomed swimming hole, beautifully contrasted against the rich red-brown cliff faces, the Gorge is about an hour’s hike from the Emma Gorge Resort in the El Questro Wilderness Park.

You can find it about 100km from Kununurra, off the rugged Gibb River Road. International travel Instagrammers laud it as a must-see. Plus, given the effort to get there, you won't be queuing for that perfect shot.

2. Kalbarri National Park

Where else in WA could your shot be so perfectly framed than at Nature’s Window? This natural rock formation in the Kalbarri National Park offers a view of the Murchison River below and the rugged landscape of the national park. 

From the car park, it’s about a 45-minute return walk to this iconic Coral Coast shot. Take your selfie stick or get a friend to help so you can get the whole picture. 

There’s more to #kalbarrinationalpark than this unusual rock, though. The stunning 80km gorge carved through red and white sandstone has left natural formations like the Loop, Z-Bend and Hawk’s Head – all of which offer some great photographs.

3. Lucky Bay, Esperance

If you’ve ever seen the quintessential Australian photo of a kangaroo on a beach, it’s likely that it was taken at Lucky Bay in Esperance.

Bright blue water, soft white sand, and the friendly locals await in WA’s Great Southern – just the right ingredients for a #nofilter Insta post.

Even if the kangaroos suddenly hop away just before you hit the button, don’t despair. It’ll likely just be you and the 5km stretch of beach you’re on without the crowds and plenty of opportunity to find that right angle.


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4. Monkey Mia

There's lots more to do in Monkey Mia than feed the dolphins (although that's pretty great). It's actually one of WA's most beautiful and quaint beaches. 

The area's seamless blend of the outback and white sandy beaches makes for some stunning Insta pics of your outdoor pursuits - not to mention the abundant local wildlife.

Monkey Mia is a fantastic place to get up close and personal with a dolphin, but they can be tricky to capture. If you're patient and quick with the button, the pay-off is worth it. 

5. Knox Gorge, Karijini National Park

Karijini is often lauded as one of Western Australia's most impressive and photogenic areas. The National Park is scattered with gorges, waterfalls, crystal clear water and historic bushland - with one of its most famed spots being the breathtaking Knox Gorge. 

For the most enhanced view of the Gorge's towering rock faces, start the 1km journey to Knox Gorge from the car park; descending towards the floor to reach this impressive spot. The trail at its depth is a gentle stroll that hugs the left hand side of the chasm, and puts some spectacular rock art and carvings on display. 

Try to visit this 'lookout lake' at either sunset or sunrise, as the sun's rays hitting the rock faces makes for a spectacular panorama. 

6. Pink Lakes - Lake Hillier, Hutt Lagoon

It's one of WA's most extraordinary natural phenomenons, so of course it's on our list of the best Insta shots in the state. 

If you're a keen photographer you should add a trip to Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory, or Lake Hillier, Esperance, to your bucket list. You'll find both of WA's pink lakes here. You'll need to catch a flight to capture a snap of Lake Hillier so if you're looking for something more accessible, Hutt Lagoon near Kalbarri is your best bet. 

You can jump in the water, take a landscape shot, or simply just prove that you were there with a selfie. Regardless of how you choose to take your pic, you won't need a filter - the bright pink hue speaks for itself. 

7. Shell Beach, Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Located in the heart of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, Shell Beach is one of the only beaches in the world to be made up solely of shells. Trillions of tiny Coquina Shells (also known as the Hamelin Cockle), only live in hypersaline waters - which are also a breeding ground for the nearby Hamelin stromatolites. 

This breathtaking beach is 120 kilometres long and is easily accessible by two-wheel-drive from the North West Coastal Highway. While you're there, be sure to take a dip in the beach's green and blue waters. As they are hypersaline, it is simple to float and therefore perfect for weaker swimmers. 


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