Road safety for kids

Teaching your kids about road safety? Our quick and easy to read articles will keep you up-to-date with everything you need to know about keeping your kids safe on and around our roads.


On and around our roads


Bicycles and small wheels

Cycling and using small wheeled devices are a great way for families to get physical, have fun and reduce emissions. Read our top safety tips to keep your kids safe.

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Seats and seat belts

Restraining your child correctly in a car greatly reduces the risk of serious injury in the event of a road crash. Read all you need to know about securing children safely in your car.
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Driver behaviour

Research shows that a child begins developing their driving behaviour many years before they get their learner’s permit. Your behaviour in the car can have a huge influence on your child and the type of driver they will be in the future. 

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Driveways and roads

It’s difficult as a driver to see children who might be on the road or driveway, and even a slow-moving vehicle can cause serious injuries. So it is important to educate and supervise your children around vehicles at all times. 

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Child restraint law changes

In June 2018, new laws came into play about transporting children in WA. These introduce new responsibilities for drivers that may affect yourself and your kids.
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Crossing the road

You play a critical role in teaching your child how to safely cross the road. If you model good behaviour on and nearby the roads and talk about safe crossing with your child, you can support them in developing safe road crossing skills. 

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