Hopetoun Foreshore Hub

Wooden shelter near beach 
Birds eye view of foreshore hub 

In partnership with the Shire of Ravensthorpe and the Hopetoun Progress Association, we reinvigorated the Hopetoun foreshore to create a hub for events and recreational activities New weather protection, solar lighting, art work, bike parking and pathways will create a space that will serve the local community and visitors for summer BBQ’s, events and activities.

The project included:

  • Upgraded beach shelter with solar lighting
  • Mural footpath through the carpark
  • Motorcycle and Bike parking
  • Upgraded power and designated spaces for Food Vans and pop up market stalls


Meekatharra’s Streetscape Art Project

Indigenous art gallery 
Colourful street art and furniture 

In partnership with the Shire of Meekatharra, we enhanced the town’s main street through big, bold art murals depicting local heritage, designed by local Indigenous artists and based on community submissions.

The project also included:

  • An art gallery showcasing local artwork
  • Colourful street furniture
  • Bike parking


Subi POP (Public Open Places): Postal Walk

Subiaco postal walk 
Subiaco post office with new seating out the front 

In partnership with the City of Subiaco, we delivered a contemporary public-realm treatment in the heart of Subiaco - bringing life to an underutilised town centre precinct through creative community co-design.

The project included:

  • Creation of an elevated decking to provide accessible eating and an event space
  • Streetscape improvements to the Postal Walk to remove clutter, provide seating, add greening, and add public art and other treatments to enhances aesthetics

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The Lissiman Street Activation Project

Gosnells and Reconnect reps posing for photo 
park with ping pong table 

In partnership with the City of Gosnells, we revitalised a currently unused area into a vibrant community space as part of a five-year trial. This project aims to welcome visitors, promote social connections and improve community safety. 

The project included:

  • New safe and welcoming pedestrian and cycle connections from the Gosnells train station to the town centre
  • New public art and ping pong table
  • New casual seating and shading

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The ‘Gathering Space’ Park Revitalisation Project

colourful path in park and undercover area 
Park sign and new grass 

In partnership with the Shire of Morawa, we used people-friendly design, Indigenous elements, and community participation to transform an under-used town centre public space into a gathering place for residents and visitors.

The project included:

  • New public art
  • New rock seating and shaded areas
  • Reusing old structures and materials to embrace recycling

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Pingelly Pocket Park

Fire pit in public park 
Australian themed fence 

In partnership with the Shire of Pingelly, we created a pocket park on Parade Street to revitalise a community space in the heart of the town centre for Pingelly residents to interact and connect with each other, and support local businesses.

The project included:

  • New lawn, seating , fire pit and a yarning circle
  • A fold-up stage to host community events
  • New lighting, a decorative fence and shade sails to make the area more welcoming

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The Solomon Street Activation Project

Children playing basketball at park 
Children riding on bike track 

In partnership with the Town of Mosman Park, we worked to transform Solomon Street using a pop-up bike lane, linking two separate path networks to improve accessibility and create a local civic heart space where people can connect.

The project included:

  • A pop-up bike lane
  • The temporary conversion of parking into a public realm space (e.g. yarning circle, art enhanced planter boxes, seating)
  • Activation events (e.g. food trucks, bike education workshops, mini golf)

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City of Bayswater Shopping Precinct Upgrade

Grand Prom shopping precinct 
Mural of a rabbit 

In partnership with the City of Bayswater, we are enhancing shopfronts along the shopping precinct on Grand Promenade in Bedford.

The project included:

  • An alfresco area with seating
  • Shade and night-time lighting
  • Artwork installations by a local artist

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Wellard Village 7 Day Makeover

Outdoor seating and tables 
Planter boxes 

In partnership with the City of Kwinana, the Strand in Wellard was made over in just seven days to create a more vibrant and active community space. The makeover was led by place-making expert David Engwicht and co-designed and delivered by more than 170 community volunteers.

The project included: 

  • Colourful hexagonal seating and matching covering over remaining bollards
  • New landscaping and nature play areas
  • A community piano
  • A youth-inspired wishing well
  • An arcade area with outdoor games, such as ping pong and checkers

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Shire of Beverley Main Street Upgrade

People crossing the road 
Family sitting in outdoor alfresco 

In partnership with the Shire of Beverley, we added new infrastructure to create a safe and inclusive Vincent Street and to improve walking and cycling in this area. 

The project included: 

  • New alfresco spaces and greenery
  • Added pedestrian crossings
  • New bike racks along the street


Shire of Westonia Town Centre Revitalisation

Heritage themed rural outside local shops 
Little heritage shops 

In partnership with the Shire of Westonia, the town centre revitalisation was a community-driven project to create a lively, safe and interesting town centre that will enhance the vibrancy, connectivity and amenity of Westonia’s main street.

The project included:

  • Heritage themed murals and little heritage shops
  • Shaded seating areas
  • Lighting
  • Bike racks


Shire of Dardanup Revitalisation Project

Community members looking at new outdoor art gallery 
Community having picnics on new park area 

In partnership with the Shire of Dardanup, the Shire-owned former depot site was transformed into a new community space ideal for hosting local events.

The project included:

  • A new nature play trail
  • An outdoor art gallery featuring vibrant community co-created artwork
  • New pedestrian connections to create safe pathways for pedestrians to walk between facilities

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Shire of Coorow Leeman Community Fresco

Ocean life mural being painted at Shire of Coorow Reconnect project 
Coloured footpath leading to the beach as part of the Shire of Coorow Reconnect Project 

In partnership with the Shire of Coorow a 12-month pilot project has been executed to enhance the connection and public spaces between Ruddock Street in Leeman and the beach.

The project included:

  • A colourful pathway with new seating areas and bike rack.
  • Beach matting for wheelchair access to the beach.
  • New greenery and public art.

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Shire of Katanning Community Spaces

Community gathered at Clive Street to enjoy the new space at Shire of Katanning 

In partnership with the Shire of Katanning, we created new pop-up community spaces on Clive Street to include street art, greenery and furniture to make it the ideal place for community events. 

This project helped host various events including:

  • Sustainable Fair Day
  • Community Games Day
  • Country Music Night
  • Katanning Talent Night


Town of Bassendean 'Power to the People'

Man and woman walking their dog through pedestrian only zone 
People sitting in alfresco dining 

In partnership with the Town of Bassendean, we helped to redesign and activate the high street in Bassendean’s town centre, closing part of the road to traffic to create a more pedestrian-friendly community space.

The project included:

  • Pedestrian only zone with one lane and one direction of vehicle access
  • New activation space with play elements, seating, shade, alfresco dining
  • New street treatments to provide common grade access for pedestrian, cycling, and cars, with easy access to street amenity

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City of Vincent Pedestrian Plaza Trial

Parents and children sitting in pedestrian plaza 
People enjoying live music outdoors 

In partnership with the City of Vincent, we trialled to transform a section of Grosvenor Road in the Beaufort Street Town Centre into a pedestrianised area with improved amenity and community events. There was also a permanent intersection upgrade completed to make it safer and easier for pedestrians to walk along Beaufort Street.

The project included:

  • A temporary pedestrian plaza with seating, picnic tables, lighting, greenery and play elements
  • A new paved continuous footpath at the Grosvenor Road and Beaufort Street intersection to improve the pedestrian experience within the Beaufort Street Town Centre

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Shire of Trayning Transformation Project

Sensory Garden 

In partnership with the Shire of Trayning, we have helped to transform the area next to the Don Mason Community Centre into a shaded, colourful area to sit and relax.

The project included:

  • Murals and raised seating
  • Play elements and greening, including a sensory garden
  • Shade sails


Morley Revitalisation Project


In partnership with the City of Bayswater, we helped revitalise the Morley Town Centre and linked Morley Galleria, Morley Library and Coventry Village together.

The project included:

  • An alfresco-style activation at the corner of Walter Road West and Wellington Road
  • A new community space in front of the Morley Library
  • Improved pedestrian connections within the Progress and Bishop Street precinct through creative wayfinding and streetscape enhancements

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Hillview Hub in Bentley


In partnership with the City of Canning, we helped transform the Hillview Hub in Bentley into a lively community precinct. Through the Hillview Park and streetscapes upgrade, we created a new and exciting place for residents to relax and connect with each other.

The project aimed to:

  • Upgrade facilities and amenities in Hillview Park, including a new nature play space, multi-sports hard court and outdoor fitness equipment
  • Create new pedestrian crossings, street upgrades and narrow traffic lanes to improve pedestrian and cycling access to the park and shops.
  • Enhance shopfront areas to allow for alfresco dining
  • Upgrade the existing car park, enabling it to be converted into a community space for events and markets

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Chapman Road Urbanisation Project


In partnership with the City of Greater Geraldton, we turned Chapman Road in Geraldton into a safer, more pedestrian-friendly street. The 12-month pilot project will widen footpaths, install bike lanes and parklets, and improve pedestrian crossings.

The project aimed to:

  • Narrow the road and encourage slower traffic speeds
  • Improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians and increase foot traffic to support local businesses
  • Inform future improvements in the area

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Northam Suspension Bridge


In partnership with the Shire of Northam, we transformed the Northam Suspension Bridge and surrounding precinct. The project features innovative lighting, interactive art and interpretative stories.

The project aimed to:

  • Enhance safety
  • Encourage more locals and visitors to use the bridge
  • Improve this important connection to and from the centre of town
  • Engage with the Ballardong Nyoongar community to help co-design the improvements to the bridge and the precinct

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Hannay Lane in Dunsborough

A brightly painted row of planters filled with succulents lines a colourful footpath 
A young boy is riding his bike along a brightly painted footpath in Hannay Lane 

In partnership with the City of Busselton, we converted Hannay Lane in Dunsborough into a more pedestrian friendly street. The 12-month trial has transformed the laneway into a vibrant and safe place for people to enjoy, featuring increased space for pedestrians, street art, landscaping and furniture.

The project aimed to:

  • Create a more vibrant and active space for the community
  • Increase foot traffic in the area and support local businesses
  • Encourage the local community to get involved in designing and shaping their neighbourhood

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Subiaco Pop-up Square

A lady is playing mini golf with a young boy in Subiaco Square 

In partnership with the City of Subiaco, the corner of Rokeby Road and Churchill Avenue was transformed into a vibrant, community plaza as part of a six-week trial.

The project aimed to:

  • Temporarily transform a section of road in the centre of Subiaco to create a new community space for activations
  • Increase foot traffic in the area and support local businesses
  • Test ideas with the community to inform future improvements in the area

This resulted in:

  • An 82% increase in visitation to the town centre during the pop-up
  • 7,000 visitors chose to linger longer
  • More than 80% of visitors surveyed enjoyed spending time and relaxing in the space
  • More than 80% of visitors surveyed would like to see more local projects that reclaim the street for people

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Gnalla Pop-up Plaza

A colourful street performer blows giant bubbles for the children at Gnalla Plaza 
A brightly coloured marketplace on a sunny day in Gnalla Plaza 

In partnership with the City of Stirling, a vibrant pop-up plaza has been brought to Nollamara shopping centre as part of a four-month trial.

The project aimed to:

  • Create a low-cost, vibrant space for the local community to come together and socialise
  • Increase foot traffic in the area and support local businesses
  • Test ideas with the community to inform future improvements in the area

This project won the 2022 PIA WA Planning Excellence Award for Community Wellbeing and Diversity for demonstrating how low-cost infrastructure and place activation can build local social connections and enterprise. This award recognised the consideration given to the cultural attributes and preferences of the diverse Nollamara community, and the opportunity for residents and local traders to make the space their own, while addressing issues of community safety and inclusivity. It also highlighted that the project has led to longer term planning outcomes for people including zoning changes in the neighbourhood centre, and the securing of funding for a permanent plaza.

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Merredin Pilot Piazza Project

A group of children play on the log seating area in Merredin 
A group of people enjoying an outdoor dining area in Merredin 

In partnership with the Shire of Merredin, Barrack Street in Merredin was temporarily converted into a lively Public Piazza. The four-month trial featured street art, innovative lighting, outdoor seating and dining, greenery and shading, play spaces for children and other event spaces.

The project aimed to:

  • Create an active, community space for locals to socialise and interact
  • Increase foot traffic in the area and support local businesses
  • Inform future improvements in the area

This resulted in:

  • A 20% increase in pedestrian movement across the entire day through the area (outside of event periods)
  • More than 600 responses to the community survey (making it the most successful project consultation in recent Merredin history)

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Colours of Mandurah Walkway

A footpath in Mandurah painted in a variety of coloured stripes 
A footpath in Mandurah painted in a variety of coloured stripes 

In partnership with the City of Mandurah, a path linking the Mandjar Square precinct and Mandurah Ocean Marina has been transformed into a rainbow walkway featuring 250 brightly coloured stripes. The community helped to select the colours, which each reflect a different story about Mandurah’s people, places, and spaces.

The project aimed to:

  • Create a more vibrant and active space for the community
  • Encourage more pedestrians to use the walkway
  • Increase foot traffic in the area and support local businesses

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