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Become an RAC member

When you buy any Insurance policy you become an RAC member and get a whole heap of great extra benefits.

Discounted fuel

RAC members save 4c a litre off fuel at Puma Energy and Better Choice.

Our boat insurance gives you

Comprehensive cover for your boat

Our boat insurance will cover your boat for theft, accidental damage, storm, fire and flood. Plus your boat is covered on land or on the water.

Legal liability cover

Cover for damage to other people or their property involving your boat.

Personal belongings cover

We'll cover your personal belongings up to $500 if they are damaged, stolen or lost in a boat accident.

New boat replacement cover

If your boat is written off and it's less than 2 years old and you're the first registered owner, we'll replace it with a new boat.

Boat in transit cover

Your boat is covered whilst it’s in transit by road, rail or ship or on a trailer.

Extra benefits like discounted fuel & auto parts

When you buy a Boat Insurance policy you become an RAC member and get a whole heap of great extra benefits

Salvage cover

We'll cover your salvage costs if your boat is accidentally damaged and needs to be salvaged. 

Towing of your boat

If your boat is damaged and can't be used, we'll pay up to $1,000 to tow it to an approved repairer or safe location.

Submerged motor cover

If your boat's motor is submerged we will cover the flush out, clean, dry and oil of the motor and associated electrical equipment.

Lost or stolen keys

We'll cover your lost or stolen keys and replace your locks.

Local claims team ready to help

We know WA. We know the local fishing spots, we live in the same suburbs, and we experience the same things, so when it comes to claim time we are on the ground and ready to make things better for you, seven days a week.

Upgrade your cover with our optional extras

  • Sail boat cover when racingYou can add this option to your policy to cover your sail boat for loss or damage whilst racing.
  • Cover for water-skiersThis option will increase your liability cover to include cover for the water-skier being towed by your boat, or damage caused by the water- skier to other people or their property.

This product is issued by RAC Insurance Pty Limited. Our products are developed and distributed for appropriate target markets in accordance with our Policy. Benefits are subject to policy conditions and PED Guide. Before you make a decision, please check the PDS and TMD to see if the policy is right for you.

*Member benefit terms and conditions apply. RAC Batteries are provided by RAC Motoring Pty Ltd MRB 723