Why choose RAC Finance?


Competitive interest rates from 6.80% p.a. (Comparison rate 7.30% p.a.)

Afford your dream car sooner.

No ongoing fees

We won’t charge you any monthly fees on your loan.

Quick turnaround

Get your loan pre-approved within 7 working hours.*

Electric vehicle discount

Get 0.50% p.a. off the interest rate when you buy an electric vehicle*.

Flexible loan terms & repayment options

Choose from 3-7 years, monthly or fortnightly by BPAY or direct debit.

Easy to apply

Apply online, over the phone on 13 17 03 or in person at one of our Member Service Centres.

Discounted interest rates

Our low-rate car and personal loan interest rates just got even lower!

Interest rates from 6.80%p.a.
(comparison rate 7.30%p.a.)

Interest rates are applicable between 7:30am 1st February 2024 and expires at 7.30am 1st March 2024. Quotes are valid for 30 days. Loan to be funded within 30 days of pre-approval. This rate sale is not valid with any other offers, except the electric vehicle discount. Applications will be subject to RAC Finance Limited lending criteria. Interest rates, fees and charges are subject to change.

Discounted interest rates from only 6.80% p.a.
Comparison rate 7.30% p.a.

Loan amount Interest rates Comparison rate2
Secured loans
$8,000 - $29,999 12.25% p.a. 11.25% p.a. 12.77% p.a. 11.77% p.a.
$30,000 - $49,999 11.05% p.a. 10.05% p.a. 11.57% p.a. 10.56% p.a.
$50,000 - $64,999 8.85% p.a. 7.85% p.a. 9.36% p.a. 8.35% p.a.
$65,000 and over 7.80% p.a. 6.80% p.a. 8.30% p.a. 7.30% p.a. 

There are no monthly account-keeping fees with RAC Finance. A one-off establishment fee of $349^ plus an $8.00 Personal Properties Securities Registration (PPSR) fee may apply. An early termination fee of $400 may apply if a loan is paid out in the first 24 months.

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What our members say


Extremely Satisfied

The staff were super helpful and friendly, the whole process of providing documents was so easy. From start to finish - would highly recommend.


Extremely Satisfied

The application process was very easy and simple. Pre-approval was very quick, and finalisation of the loan was also very quick and to top it off was an awesome interest rate.


Extremely Satisfied

Low interest rates, friendly customer service and super-fast processing.


Extremely Satisfied

The customer service on my application was excellent. The RAC staff couldn’t be more helpful if they tried. They pushed through the application and organised an instant payment as I live in the country and needed to go to the city to pick up car. Couldn’t have asked for better service. Alongside that we got a better interest rate and a discount on application fee as we have used RAC finance before. Very satisfied.


Extremely Satisfied

Great customer service, easy and uncomplicated process.

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