For more than 115 years, RAC has been giving back to WA.

As a purpose-led member organisation, we reinvest our profits to serve our more than one million members and the wider WA community.

Yes, we offer great services and we're 100% local. We also cover the largest geographical area of any automotive club in the world. However our true purpose is to serve our members, who started RAC in order to protect and enhance the WA community where we live, work and play.

Whether we’re advocating for safer, sustainable and more connected mobility, investing in initiatives like the RAC Electric Highway or sponsoring the RAC Rescue helicopters, our vision is to be the driving force for a better WA.

What is the power of membership?

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You become part of RAC

We don’t have shareholders, just members. We reinvest our profits back into our members and the community for the better of WA.
Member benefits

Discounts & special offers

As an RAC member, you get access to great benefits, like discounts on over 100 retail partners and RAC products & services.

Discounts & special offers

RAC for WA

Creating a better WA

By being a member, you support the work we do around road safety, the environment and mobility to create a better WA.

Giving back to WA