RAC welcomes the State Government delivering on its election commitment to introduce Slow Down, Move Over laws in Western Australia to help improve the safety of the community and workers operating on busy roadsides.

RAC Group CEO, Terry Agnew, said Slow Down, Move Over laws are not only a road-safety matter for members and the community, they are also about workplace safety.

“RAC has been calling for Slow Down, Move Over laws since 2012, due to the deep concern about motorists who do not slow down as they pass broken-down vehicles,” Mr Agnew said.

"There is no question that the roadside, particularly on high-speed roads, is a dangerous place for stranded motorists, road workers, emergency-service personnel, police officers, tow-truck drivers, roadside assistance patrols and all those who call the roadside their place of work.”

"Slow Down, Move Over is about making room for those who need it most.”

Slow down, Move Over laws, which have also been implemented in South Australia and parts of the US and Canada, require motorists to slow down when they see the flashing lights of emergency-service vehicles, tow trucks or roadside-assistance patrol vehicles; and if possible, move over to another lane as they pass the scene.

RAC Patrol Team Member, Luke Brown with the Hon. Michelle Roberts, Minister for Police and Road Safety.RAC Patrol Team Member, Luke Brown with the Hon. Michelle Roberts, Minister for Police and Road Safety.

“It is important to highlight that our concerns are not just confined to the metropolitan road network.

“The problem is also exacerbated on country roads where high speed limits apply, but there is little room on the roadside to safely park a broken-down vehicle.

"Our concern is that without a firm and joint effort to confront this problem, further deaths and serious injuries on our roadsides will, tragically, be inevitable.

“As with any new law, the community will need to be informed. RAC hopes to see a community awareness campaign that explains the new requirement for motorists to slow down and move over, and highlights the safety issues facing incident or breakdown respondents.

“It would also need to inform motorists about what they should do to remain safe in the event of a breakdown on a high-speed road. This is an aspect of road safety that cannot be overlooked.

“New SLOMO legislation is a step in the right direction for reducing our tragic road fatality rate and creating a safer WA.”

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