A recent RAC survey has revealed 80 per cent of drivers are regularly[1] frustrated by other motorists, with 60 per cent admitting to letting their anger behind the wheel get the better of them.

The survey, which looked at the attitudes and behaviours of 864 drivers, also found almost one in three respondents have had a crash or near miss as a result of driver frustration.

RAC General Manager Corporate Affairs Will Golsby said frustration behind the wheel could lead to dangerous driving behaviour which risked the lives of all road users.

“Concerningly, almost 60 per cent of those surveyed regularly[2] see motorists dashing in and out of lanes to get past traffic, and nearly 20 per cent frequently[3] witness drivers gesturing or unnecessarily sounding their horn,” Mr Golsby said.

“This kind of behaviour can have a negative impact on the way other drivers react, and too often the flow on effect of these frustrations is a serious crash with life-changing consequences.

“There is simply no excuse for dangerous driving - you are in control of your actions, but not always of the consequences.”

Sixty per cent of motorists surveyed considered their own driving behaviour to be above average, but when asked about the general behaviour of other WA drivers, 94 per cent rated it as either average or below average.

“These results highlight a disconnect between what motorists are seeing out on our roads and how they rate their own behaviour,” Mr Golsby said.

“All road users have the right to feel safe, and drivers need to acknowledge their responsibilities behind the wheel.

“If we all share the road with kindness, we can make travelling on our roads safer and more enjoyable for the whole community.

“Look after yourself and your fellow road users by keeping calm, being considerate, and following the road rules.”

RAC’s top tips for a stress-free drive:

  • Don’t react to inconsiderate driving behaviour - avoid conflict by staying relaxed and focused.
  • Always allow at least two seconds between you and the car in front.
  • Show your intention by indicating correctly.
  • Allow room for others to merge
  • Give way when required.
  • Be patient and considerate.
  • If safe to do so, acknowledge positive actions from your fellow motorists with a courtesy wave.




Media contact: Mikayla Wearne, 0401 703 719 or media@rac.com.au

[1] Survey respondents were frustrated once a week, multiple times a week, or most days.

[2] Survey respondents witnessed the behaviour half the time, most of the time, or all the time.

[3] Survey respondents witnessed the behaviour half the time, most of the time, or all the time.