RAC members and the WA community have the opportunity to nominate dangerous roads and intersections around their State as part of RAC’s fifth Risky Roads campaign.

RAC General Manager Corporate Affairs, Will Golsby, said Risky Roads was the State’s largest road infrastructure survey and gave people the opportunity to voice their concerns and create positive change on WA roads.

“There is more than 187,000 kilometres of road in Western Australia and no one knows those roads better than the people who drive, ride, cycle or walk on them every day,” Mr Golsby said.

“Nominations are encouraged from all corners of the State, so whether a local street or major highway, if you know a road that’s unsafe don’t just avoid it, nominate it.”

More than 6,000 nominations were received in the 2016 Risky Roads Survey, since then more than half of the top 20 riskiest roads and intersections identified have had funding allocated to improve road safety.

“The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and history shows the voiceof the community and the results from the campaign can lead to genuine change,” Mr Golsby said.

“Western Australia consistently ranks as one of the nation’s worst when it comes to road fatalities and serious injuries.

“Last year 161 people were tragically killed on WA roads and many more were seriously injured.

“Every life lost on our roads is one too many which is why we’re calling on the WA community to nominate dangerous roads and intersections, so we can advocate for change and ultimately save lives and prevent serious injuries.”

To participate, visit www.rac.com.au/riskyroads or request a nomination form by calling RAC on 9436 4598. Nominations close 17 December 2018.


Media contact: Stephanie Gavlak, 0401 703 719 or media@rac.com.au



Risky Roads is the largest survey of its kind in the State and recognises the safety concerns of those who know WA roads best – the WA community.

It works by any member of the public making a nomination either through the Risky Roads website or by requesting a hard copy form.

Any road or intersection that poses a safety threat can be nominated, from local streets to major highways. Those with the most nominations are shared with government agencies and used by RAC to advocate for more action on road safety.

Nominations are welcome from all corners of the State. Members from regional areas, where roads are often particularly dangerous, are encouraged to contribute.

This is the fifth Risky Roads Survey to be run by RAC.

New nomination platform for 2018

For the first time, RAC Risky Roads nominations can be made via a new interactive mapping platform called CrowdSpot. In addition to nominating their own road or intersection, members of the public will also be able to support nominations made by other Western Australians.