Motorists are being urged to prepare their cars to avoid hot weather breakdowns, with new data revealing RAC attended almost 2,000 overheated engines last summer.

RAC Roadside Assistance Patrol Cameron Dargan said there was a clear increase in breakdowns due to overheating during the warmer months.

“Last summer saw RAC patrols attend almost 2,000 call outs to overheating engines alone – that’s around 22 a day,” Mr Dargan said.

“While car troubles are often unpredictable, regular servicing and simple at home car maintenance is the best way to avoid a breakdown situation.

“Pay a little bit of extra attention to your cooling system during the warmer months, check your coolant levels regularly and look out for signs of deterioration.

“We recommend servicing your cooling system at least every two years and if coolant levels are low, top up with the appropriate coolant, never use tap water.

“It’s also important to ensure your cooling fans are working properly and to check your oil levels as oil can protect your engine in hot temperatures.

“Remember that glare from the sun can cause poor visibility, so ensure your windows and lights are kept clean and use sunshades when parked to protect your car interior and minimise heat build-up.

“When you’re driving, keep an eye on the temperature gauge and if temperatures rise above the normal indicator pull over in a safe place and turn off the engine as soon as possible. Continuing to drive when this happens can significantly increase the damage to your engine.”

RAC’s top summer car maintenance tips:

  • Service your cooling system at least every two years, check hoses for softness and leaks.
  • Regularly clean windows and lights.
  • Have the air conditioner serviced and ready for hot weather.
  • Use sunshades when parked.
  • Do all the normal fluid level checks: oil, transmission fluid, washer fluid, power steering, brake fluid and clutch fluid if applicable.
  • Check drive belts and the case and terminals of your battery.
  • Check your tyre pressure and look out for wear and deterioration.



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