It's important to get your battery replaced by a professional. Here's why.

Why you should get an expert to fit your new car battery

Advances in car technologies mean changing a car battery has become more complex than it used to be. Simply replacing the battery is no longer an easy task and in some cases requires specialised tools.

You also need to know exactly which type of battery to choose for your car.

RAC uses the latest battery installation technology to ensure your battery is correctly installed with no disruption to other systems in the car.

If you choose to fit a car battery yourself, even if you know the correct battery type to choose, fitting it yourself could result in the loss of some of your car’s important computer settings.

One of the tools we use is a battery registration tool. This informs the car's computer that a new battery has been installed and ensures the electrical system is reset to its correct state. If your car is fairly new or has stop-start fuel saving technology then the chances are this tool will be required for installing a new battery.

Batteries that are not installed and configured properly can:

  • Potentially have a shorter life due to over or under charging.
  • Cause damage to your car's electrical system resulting in costly repairs if left unresolved.

For these reasons, we recommend getting your battery replaced by experts who can install your battery according to vehicle manufacturer's guidelines.

We offer a convenient 24/7 delivery and professional installation service as well as a wide range of batteries that last.
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